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Working with the health care community & leaders of AR

HIE Council

SHARE is developed and maintained by the Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT). The Arkansas Health Information Technology Coordinator and the HIE Council are responsible for monitoring the operation and performance of SHARE. The HIE Council serves as an advisory board to OHIT and includes individuals who are active and prominent in the Arkansas health care community in and represent a variety of health care organizations, businesses, consumers and state government.

2015 HIE Council members include:
  • Rachel Davis - Interim, Arkansas Health Care Association
  • Sandra Brown, MPH, MSN, RN-Arkansas Nurses Association
  • John Vinson-Arkansas Pharmacists Association
  • Randy Zook-Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
  • Lisa Weaver - Interim, Community Health Centers of Arkansas
  • Mary Leath-Community Health Centers of Arkansas
  • Herschel Cleveland-Department of Information Systems (DIS)
  • Marcia Atkinson, Heart Clinic of Arkansas
  • Ann Purvis, Arkansas Department of Health (ADH)
  • Rhonda Jorden-University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)
  • Dr. Rhonda Mattox-Arkansas Minority Health Commission
  • Bob Alexander - Interim, Department of Finance and Administration (DFA)
  • Shirley Tyson-Interim HIT Coordinator of Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)

HIT Task Force

The Health Information Technology (HIT) Task Force is made up of representatives from public and private stakeholder organizations who are contributing time and expertise to better inform the development of HIT in Arkansas. Members of the Task Force participated in the planning and implementation of SHARE and other HIT-related activities.

Task Force membership and meetings are open to the public. For information about HIT Task Force meetings, check out the Events page. If you are interested in being a part of the HIT Task Force, please contact OHIT.

The HIT Task Force includes individuals representing the following organizations:

  • AARP
  • American College of Physicians
  • Arkansas Academy of Family Physicians
  • Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
  • Arkansas Attorney General’s Office
  • Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
  • Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
  • Arkansas Department of Health
  • Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services
  • Arkansas Department of Information Services
  • Arkansas Economic Development Commission
  • Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
  • Arkansas Health Care Foundation
  • Arkansas Health Information Management Association
  • Arkansas Hospital Association
  • Arkansas Insurance Department
  • Arkansas Interfaith Alliance
  • Arkansas Medical Society
  • Arkansas Nurses Association
  • Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation
  • Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network
  • Arkansas Science and Technology Authority
  • Arkansas State Board of Nursing
  • Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
  • Arkansas State Library
  • Arkansas Support Network
  • Arkansas Telehealth and Oversight Management
  • Clinton School of Public Service, Center on Community Philanthropy
  • Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc.
  • Employer’s Health Coalition
  • Hewlett Packhard
  • Mental Health Council of Arkansas
  • Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services
  • NovaSys Health
  • QSource
  • QualChoice
  • The Children’s Clinic of Jonesboro
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Regional Programs