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View your patient’s compiled health information

SHARE’s Virtual Health Record (VHR) Only offers health care providers the following capabilities:

  • Virtual Health Record (VHR) Access: VHR access gives users access to the following types of data that are gathered, in real-time, from all participating providers:
    • Admission, Discharge and Transfer reports
    • Allergies, Problems, Medications
    • Demographic and Insurance information (when avaialble)
    • Laboratory results
    • Radiology reports, image links
    • Discharge Summaries
    • Continuity of Care Documents
    • Progress Notes
  • Clinical Messaging: With VHR access, users can also send and receive these documents to other participating health care providers through Clinical Messaging. Create and send patient encounters, memos, referrals and authorization requests to patients within their practice, to users in another practice or workgroup, or to other EMR users through SHARE.