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January 2019

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The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is part of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) that was signed into law in 2015.   As providers prepare to participate in the full MIPS track, they will need to improve their chances of a high score in the four performance categories of Quality, Cost, Improvement Activities and Advancing Care Information. Participating in the SHARE health information exchange can help with Advancing Care Information (ACI), which replaces Meaningful Use for Medicare participants, and Improvement Activities.


Increase your ACI category score:

 Join SHARE and send your data to the state’s immunization registry, which can help you earn the full 10% for this performance measure. The immunization registry reporting measure is the only yes/no performance score measure.   Measure description: The MIPS-eligible clinician is in active engagement with a public health agency to submit immunization data and receive immunization forecasts and histories from the public health immunization registry/immunization information system (IIS).

Increase Improvement Activities Score:

Send care summaries, or continuity of care documents (CCDs), into the SHARE health information exchange, which counts as medium weight activity for the Improvement activities category (small practices need 2 medium-weighted activities or 1 high-weighted activity). You can also sign up with Direct Messaging from SHARE to send care summaries as part of referrals to other Direct-enabled providers.    

Measure description: The MIPS-eligible clinician that transitions or refers their patient to another setting of care or health care clinician (1) uses CEHRT to create a summary of care record; and (2) electronically transmits the summary to a receiving health care clinician for at least one transition of care or referral.

Increase providers' cost category score:

Join SHARE and receive clinical results on your patients to improve your overall costs and utilization by educating patients on hospital utilization. (The cost category will measure the Medicare Part A and Part B costs of care related to inpatient hospital visits.) The weight of the cost category will account for 10% of overall MIPS score, so getting started now will be important to prepare for this shift. 

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Finnegan is one of the oldest & most-trusted Arkansas DME companies. By further expanding its interoperability with using SHARE (Arkansas’ only Statewide HIE), Finnegan Health Services is using SHARE to access a patient’s DME orders and results, especially from large enterprise healthcare systems. SHARE is providing the ability to securely share accurate patient health information with Finnegan Health Services, which can help to improve the speed, safety and quality of patient care while potentially cutting costs and time.

By utilizing SHARE, Finnegan Health Services will be able to enhance the way they provide quality medical products ordered by health care providers while improving patient care and enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives. Although Finnegan will not be able to push their patient’s health records into SHARE, they will be able to use the Virtual Health Record (VHR) to view a patients’ health record and get a more complete picture of their health from participating hospitals providers involved in their patients’ care. By also using SHARE Secure Messaging, Finnegan Health Services will be able to share clinical information— such as diabetic supplies prescriptions filled, urinary supplies prescriptions filled, wound care prescription supplies filled, etc. —through secure, encrypted email exchange with other providers. Most importantly, other providers can send Finnegan Health Services referrals securely and instantly that assist with transitions of care. They have been serving Arkansas and beyond since 1984.

About Finnegan Health Services:

Finnegan Health Services is the largest and oldest family owned durable medical equipment provider in Arkansas. We specialize in incontinence, urinary, and diabetic supplies. Finnegan Offers a Wide Variety of Medical Supply Products, Including, But Not Limited to:

  • Incontinence Supplies: Child & adult diapers, pull-ups, pads, underpads/chux, wipes & gloves
  • Urinary Supplies: Catheters, Foley catheters & drainage bags, condom catheters
  • Diabetic Supplies: Testing supplies for diabetes & gestational diabetes
  • Nutritional & Tube Feeding Supplies:  Simply Thick® food thickeners, pudding & formula
  • Bathroom Safety Equipment: Shower & commode chairs, transfer benches & sprayers
  • Respiratory & Tracheostomy Supplies: AeroChambers® & peak flow meters
  • Wound Care Supplies: Basic & specialty dressings, including foam & hydrocolloid

For more information, visit: https://finneganhealth.com

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SHARE is now collaborating with UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center that provides primary care medical services to patients of all ages. They offer treatment for acute medical conditions but also ongoing treatment for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. They cover all stages of life from pediatric conditions to senior health care.

The clinic provides convenient diagnostic and support services on site and also are able to perform minor office surgical procedures in clinic as well as offer routine adult and pediatric immunizations. Their caring and compassionate staff serves an 11-county region that includes: Marion, Baxter, Fulton, Sharp, Searcy, Van Buren, Stone, Cleburne, Izard, Independence and White.

The data exchange services will also give UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center in eleven counties in Northern and North Central Arkansas, secure access to important information such as lab results, updated patient records and demographic information. This ensures every care provider in a patient’s chain of care has consistent and current information, and that their records are more secure and accessible than with paper files. Together, SHARE and UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center are working to change health care for the better for the residents of Northern and North Central Arkansas. The UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center is affiliated with White River Medical Center, which is also connected to SHARE. The clinic is also affiliated with the UAMS Medical Center and clinics.

About UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center:

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences North Central (UAMS North Central) is an outreach of the University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS), serving Marion, Baxter, Fulton, Sharp, Searcy, Van Buren, Stone, Cleburne, Izard, Independence, and White counties. UAMS North Central has been a part of the statewide UAMS Regional Campuses since 2007, provides clinical care, health education services, and training for medical residents in primary care. The UAMS North Central mission is to improve the health of Arkansans by training health professionals and delivering patient-centered care in an eleven county area of north-central Arkansas. UAMS North Central opened the UAMS Family Medical Center in August 2018. The Family Medical Center has 24 exam rooms and multiple areas for team-based care, which includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical professionals. The UAMS Family Medicine Residency Program in Batesville plans to receive our first residents in July 2019. The program will admit six residents per year until reaching a total of 18 residents in 2021. UAMS North Central was established by the Arkansas legislature in cooperation with UAMS in 2007. The center works in partnership with the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville and Arkansas State University at Mountain Home. Each college continues to house several UAMS degree programs. In addition to its partnership with the local colleges, UAMS North Central works closely with the White River Medical Center in Batesville.

Learn more about UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center at: http://uamsfamilymedcenters.com/