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June 2020

Post date: 2020-06-04T13:43:00-05:00
  • 25+ Primary Care and Specialty Care clinics expand connections to seamlessly deliver continuity of care documents (CCDs) across the State for enhanced interoperability

Little Rock, Arkansas – June 2020    The only statewide health information exchange (HIE) in Arkansas, State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), announce our continued partnership with CHI St. Vincent that enables more efficient healthcare services for patients across the State of Arkansas. This expands connections to CHI St. Vincent by exchanging important information such as lab results, updated patient records and demographic information.

“The continued collaboration with SHARE will enable CHI St. Vincent to move forward with our mission ensuring a healthy future for those we serve, while excelling our system performance we advance personal and community health beyond our traditional acute care focus.” said Chad S. Aduddell, Chief Executive Officer, CHI St. Vincent.

Integrating with SHARE ensures every care provider in a patient’s chain of care has consistent and current information, and that their records are more secure and accessible. Physicians and surgeons at CHI St. Vincent will have access to the medical results for their patients in the SHARE database from multiple data sources. That will provide a broader picture of the care previously provided to Arkansas patients that are treated at their acute care hospital as well as for the Arkansas patients who have received treatment referral partners.

By enhancing the bi-directional data exchange connection with CHI St. Vincent clinics, including the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute, that use eClinicalWorks system to the statewide HIE network, health care providers participating in the clinically integrated network and referral partnerships will have faster and more complete access to their patients’ most critical health information. The enhanced information access will improve patients’ care coordination,  reduce  treatment  delays, eliminate unnecessary testing, and allow care providers to make more targeted diagnoses and treatment recommendations at the following newly integrated facilities:

As the healthcare landscape continues to transform, HIEs may play a key role in providing data that fuels innovation. SHARE and CHI St. Vincent are working together to contribute to these innovation efforts by having a truly interoperable health system that can work together to share patient results in real-time.

CHI St. Vincent continues to remain committed to delivering the highest quality of care for patients and the communities it serves while simultaneously driving efficiencies to address the challenges facing healthcare providers and ensuring a sustainable future for its healing ministry in Arkansas.

“The lines that define state borders have blurred greatly when it comes to health care,” said Anne Santifer, Director, SHARE. “Patients are frequently referred to a physician or specialist across a state line here in Arkansas. The inclusion of those medical results in the patient’s file – regardless of zip code – can raise the speed and efficiency with which a patient is treated and can even save lives,” Santifer said. We are very pleased to continue our partnership.

About CHI St. Vincent

CHI St. Vincent, a regional health network serving Arkansas, is part of Catholic Health Initiatives. We have served Arkansas since 1888 with a history of many firsts. Headquartered in Little Rock, our networks include primary care, specialty clinics, urgent care, hospitals, home health, rehabilitation, and surgery centers. Together with more than

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