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Patient Centered Data Home

Patient Centered Data Home

The Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) is a cost-effective, scalable method of exchanging patient data among health information exchanges (HIEs). It’s based on triggering episode alerts, which notify providers a care event has occurred outside of the patient’s “home” HIE and confirms the availability and the specific location of the clinical data, enabling providers to initiate additional data exchanges to access real-time information across state and regional lines and the care continuum.

PCDH is an initiative of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) that puts into practice the vision that clinical data should be available whenever and wherever care occurs and centered around the patient to improve patient care. In this model, all clinical data becomes part of the comprehensive longitudinal patient record in the HIE where the patient resides, called the Patient Centered Data Home.


  1. Away Care Team facility sends Alert to Away HIE of a patient encounter (ADT)
  2. Away HIE sends Alert to Home HIE based on ZIP code look up tables
  3. Home HIE notifies Away HIE if there are patient records. At the same time, the Home HIE sends the Alert to the patient’s usual home doctors
  4. Home HIE and Away HIE exchange clinical data on the patient to improve short and long-term care coordination
  5. Away HIE delivers records to Away Care Team and Home HIE shares post-encounter summary with Home Care Team


The PCDH network is expanding to include new regions and new members within existing regions. The following map will expand over time to reflect this ongoing growth.

Learn more about SHIEC; https://strategichie.com/

Learn more about PCDH; https://strategichie.com/initiatives/pcdh/