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Your health care story shouldn’t be told in pieces

Your health is your most important asset. Our goal is to make sure your doctors have all the information they need to provide you with the best care possible.

Within this section you’ll find information about SHARE from the patient’s perspective, the benefits of participating in SHARE, the privacy and security measures in place to keep your health records safe, and tips for encouraging your treating providers to join SHARE.

What SHARE Means for You >>

SHARE is easing many of the medical record frustrations you may have experienced as a patient.

Patient Privacy & Security >>

Keeping your information private and secure is our utmost concern. Find out what privacy and security protocols SHARE has in place to protect your health information and ensure only authorized health care providers are accessing your information for treatment purposes.

How To Participate >>

Your health information will only be accessible through SHARE if you give your treating providers consent to share your information. Learn more about participating in and opting-out of SHARE.

Tell Your Doctors About SHARE >>

Your doctors must participate in SHARE to make your health information available in SHARE. We’ve provided some talking points to help you start a conversation with your doctor about SHARE and tell them you want them to participate.

Get the Care You Deserve>>

Listen to patients describe their experience with SHARE.

Frequently Asked Questions >>

Find a list of questions patients have asked us about SHARE.