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SHARE: Making Sure You Get the Care You Deserve

When you see more than one physician, it can be a challenge for your doctors to know exactly what medications you are on and what tests you have had recently. It’s frustrating to try to remember all the details of your medication and treatment and then have to repeat them to each provider.

Thankfully, the State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) is helping providers across the state immediately have access to your health records. SHARE is a state-wide health information exchange that helps your doctor access the information he/she needs about your health. SHARE is safe and secure so you can be assured that your personal information is protected. Your medical and family history, recent lab work, current medications and diagnoses are all readily available to your physicians.

SHARE helps your doctor spend more time with you in the clinic hearing your questions and concerns without you having to repeat previous health information. You can save time and money because with SHARE you don’t have different physicians running the same tests. When you see more than one provider, it’s easy to see the value of SHARE when you step into the clinic and start talking to your doctor. Your doctor has a better view of your overall health and not just the specific condition he or she treats. When you and your physicians participate in SHARE, the level of care you receive only gets better.

For more information, view our patient information flyer in English and Español.