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What SHARE Means for You

Better, easier and safer health care

SHARE helps provide you with better, easier and safer health care. Using a secure, state-wide computer network, SHARE combines your medical information from different caregivers to create a single electronic health record. This helps your doctors more easily coordinate your care and reduces mistakes, especially in emergencies.

Your health care providers may already share your health records through fax, email and postal mail when needed for your care. SHARE makes it easier, faster and more secure for providers to exchange information about you. It creates a whole picture of your health.

Have you ever been frustrated with the health care system?

SHARE is improving the way health care is managed by easing the common frustrations with medical records many of us have felt as patients:

  • Have you ever felt frustrated because information from your specialist never made it to your family doctor?
  • Are you caring for an elderly parent or relative, and somehow the doctor doesn’t know that the medication the dermatologist prescribed has changed?
  • Have you ever tried to remember your medications and exact dosages, your past surgeries and the year you had them, your childhood diseases, or the immunizations of your children?

Providers who care for you or your family can get this information through SHARE.

How can SHARE help you and your family?

  • If you have several health conditions, your doctors can share your diagnosis and treatment information easily through SHARE rather than faxing, calling, mailing or dictating letters, which can take days or weeks.
  • Your results and reports come in quickly to your doctor from a hospital or lab, saving you time and worry.
  • You won’t have to remember exact medication dosages from other providers because they can electronically transmit that information to one another. SHARE makes your care safer, especially if you must be rushed to the ER.
  • Your primary care doctor will be alerted when you’ve been admitted to the hospital or ER. And when you’re discharged, he or she will have a record of your treatment and instructions from your surgeons or others who treated you.
  • If you’re referred to a specialist, your doctor can send your records instantly through SHARE.
  • You may not have to repeat tests and procedures you’ve already had done if your providers have access to more complete medical information.
  • You’ll have fewer forms to fill out and spend less time repeating the same information over and over.

For more information, view our patient information flyer in English and Español.