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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)


Rewarding Primary Care

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is a new initiative from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that rewards patient-centered practices for providing comprehensive care services such as care coordination, wellness programs, expanded access and psychosocial support. The program significantly increases reimbursement, makes generous up-front payments available and pays for many activities that providers today perform for free.

SHARE Daily Reports on all Medicare Beneficiaries

A Qualified Advanced Payment Model designed specifically for primary care providers, CPC+ provides payment of 5% of your annual Part B billing and exempts you from MACRA participation – with no downside risk. Click here for a PDF of current CPC+ Participating Regions & Provisional Payer Partners 

Want to be notified in the last 24 hours of when your Medicare patients have been Admitted/Discharged from the emergency department (ED) and Inpatient discharged?

** Please note SHARE will need your clinics Medicare attribution list with specific data elements to begin the daily 24-hour report.