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 SHARE Value/Benefit to Hospitals

  • The hospital referral network is able to securely communicate between providers using SHAREs Direct Trust Secure Messaging to send Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs). View our secure messaing certification, here.
  • Hospitals use SHARE to send Immunizations, Syndromic Surveillance Data, Electronic Laboratory Reporting, Cancer Reporting to Arkansas Department of Health which assists with Promoting Interoperability Criteria Public Health Reporting (listed below).


  • SHARE assists hospitals in meeting Health Information Exchange Promoting Interoperability Criteria (listed below) by providing a summary of care record/Continuity of Care Document (CCD) for hospital transition of care (TOC) or referral.


  • Hospital referral clinics connected to SHARE are able to see the longitudinal record of a patient that was seen by other facilities throughout the State.


  • Hospital providers are able to access a patient record through the Virtual Health Record to view patient summaries and results (query based exchange) or query SHARE for your patients results- CCDs (Query and Response using xds.b or xca protocol).


  • Clinics throughout the State will receive a daily report from SHARE connected hospitals. The clinics participating in Arkansas Medicaid Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)/value-based programs receive daily reports when a patient is admitted and discharged from the Emergency Departments and/or an Inpatient admission. These daily reports are sent in real-time to clinic care coordinators in their email.



Data Types Sent/Receive: CCDs, Admission, Discharge and Transfers (ADT), Radiology Reports, Transcribed Documents, Laboratory Reports and Immunizations


SHARE Sending to Referral Partners: SHARE receives CCD/HL-7 messages from hospitals. CCD/HL-7 messages include ADT’s, Radiology Reports, Laboratory Reports, and Transcribed Documents. Transcribed documents include discharge summaries and progress notes and other reports that supports clinics around Arkansas.


Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program Eligible Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, and Dual-Eligible Hospitals Objectives and Measures for 2020


See More Here: https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/2020ProgramRequirementsMedicare