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Dewitt Hospital and Ferguson Rural Health Clinic Goes Live with SHARE

Mon, 07/13/2020 - 11:01 -- Whitney Mayo

Dewitt Hospital, a critical access hospital in Arkansas County, and Ferguson Rural Health Clinic have activated the SHARE statewide health information exchange.

Dewitt Hospital and Ferguson Rural Health Clinic are accessing SHARE to enhance the communication between primary care, specialty care and acute care providers to support patients’ continuity of care. The critical access hospital and clinic, that use Azalea Health EMR system, will share episodic Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) data, discharge summaries, radiology reports, image narratives, laboratory results, prescribed medications and clinical procedures, to better support and inform care transitions to local community clinic providers.

“We’re excited to partner and connect with SHARE to support the community-wide care needs of Arkansas County patients,” said Brian Miller, CEO of Dewitt Hospital & Nursing Home.

Ferguson Rural Health Clinic is being notified when patients have an emergency department and/or inpatient discharge with 24-hour daily reports on all their patients. Ferguson Rural Health Clinic is also receiving a daily report on any patient that has a positive COVID 19 result in real-time.

A key factor for patient-centered delivery systems is socially, culturally effective, and responsive care that engages patients to best meet their health needs. Dewitt Hospital clinicians can use the SHARE HIE to access records documenting patients’ most recent encounters outside its network to help promote better informed continuity of care.

Many people, particularly those with chronic conditions, receive health services from a variety of providers, with no single provider responsible for coordinating all that care. SHARE’s HIE platform captures the wide breadth of health data across our fragmented delivery system including ED visits and community medical encounters to unify into one longitudinal record. As more healthcare organizations onboard, we are excited to see medical professionals increasingly use the data to inform and complete appropriate plans of care for their patients.

Dewitt Hospital is part of the Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (ARHP) comprised of 14 rural hospital members spanning South Arkansas. Together it continues to expand, nurture, and provide programs throughout the Partnership’s individual communities and the Arkansas Delta region. As part of the ARHP, Dewitt Hospital received a grant from Arkansas BCBS to integrate their EMR system to SHARE to improve quality in Arkansas County and surrounding communities in South Arkansas.

About Dewitt Hospital

As a 25-bed critical access hospital, we provide emergency and outpatient services for our area. Our mission is a commitment to the recruitment and development of qualified, responsible, and motivated individuals. We recognize the importance of each individual and his or her active participation in the success of the entire hospital organization. We are sensitive to the holistic needs of our patients and are dedicated to their satisfaction. In addition to our hospital, we operate a 60-bed nursing home, the Ferguson Rural Health Clinic, as well as an ambulance service; and a paramedic service which is operated locally.

Learn More at: https://www.dewitthealth.org/