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East Arkansas Children’s Clinic expands connection with SHARE, enhancing care coordination for area patients

Wed, 08/26/2020 - 09:22 -- Whitney Mayo

Little Rock – August 2020

East Arkansas Children’s Clinic, a large pediatric practice is now using health information exchange to coordinate care for more than 50,000 annual patient visits. Through SHARE’s secure electronic network, East Arkansas Children’s Clinic doctors and care teams are now receiving clinical results from hospitals and specialty clinics around the state without having to wait for faxes or other paper-based methods of communication. This is reducing patient wait times, helping doctors make faster and more accurate clinical decisions, and saving staff time previously spent tracking down patients’ medical records.

One example from Dr. Curt Patton, East Arkansas Children’s Clinic Owner, and physician, shows the usefulness of this information. “A patient who had pelvic pain and had been to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital emergency room, didn’t know what was going on exactly or the specific explanation for it,” he said. “With the HIE, I can hit a button and see her urine culture, and it tells me the exact organisms and numbers. So, I can say ‘A-ha, here’s what you had, so we need to get you on another antibiotic so this can be taken care of quickly.’ To have that information available in the moment markedly improves care.”

In an emergency, being able to quickly access electronic patient medical information is also vital. Patients, who might be new to the area, sometimes do not have a history with East Arkansas Children’s Clinic. So, the doctors and care team do not know if patients might have a medication allergy, for example. “The HIE has completely changed the way we care for patients, said Patton.”

“With East Arkansas Children’s Clinic joining the SHARE network, approximately half of practicing physicians in Forrest City are now participating in HIE,” said Justin Villines, Senior HIT Policy Integrator, SHARE. “Forrest City Medical Center in the area just signed to connect to SHARE. These connections make Forrest City and neighboring counties continue to become an advanced community when it comes to health care information systems.”

Additionally, SHARE currently receives high-level data – admission, discharge, and transfer summaries – for Arkansas patients and sends East Arkansas Children’s Clinic 24-hour daily reports when their patients have an ED and Inpatient Discharge from Arkansas Children’s, St. Bernard’s, Arkansas Methodist, CHI St. Vincent, UAMS Health, Baptist Health, etc.  SHARE also is alerting the clinic if any of their patients have a positive COVID-19 test results in daily reports.

Immediate access to a patient’s medical history is invaluable, particularly during a pandemic. East Arkansas Children’s Clinic collaboration with SHARE is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to provide safe, high-quality health and wellness services to children of Arkansas. This includes the Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN), a statewide pediatric clinically integrated network (CIN) that East Arkansas Children’s Clinic is part of.

About East Arkansas Children’s Clinic

Newborn Care: Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, excitement, preparation, and worry. The nine months of pregnancy will give you time to ask the questions you have and calm your fears.  During the pregnancy months, it is important for the mother to have regular OB check-ups, take care of herself, and monitor what she puts in her body. East Arkansas Children’s Clinic offers “Meet the Doctor” visits. This will allow you to see where our clinic is located and meet the providers and staff.

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For more information: http://eastarkansaschildrensclinic.com/

About Arkansas Children’s Care Network

The Arkansas Children’s Care Network will fundamentally transform healthcare delivery for the children of Arkansas through a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) comprised of health care professionals who provide coordinated and accountable pediatric care supported by a sustainable financial model. This network will improve quality, access, patient/family experience, and affordability of health care while also increasing physician engagement and satisfaction. ACCN will be the nation’s first statewide pediatric CIN, promoting collaboration among primary care and specialty providers who treat children across Arkansas. ACCN will enable its partners to work together in a clinically integrated manner, using common health protocols and pathways so that each child receives quality care at the most appropriate location.

For more information: https://www.accnconnect.org/arkansas-childrens-care-network/arkansas-childrens-care-network-home