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Fifteen HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs Clinics continue using SHARE to improve outcomes and manage health risks

Thu, 08/27/2020 - 13:28 -- Whitney Mayo

Little Rock Arkansas August 2020

As technology is on the rise, and the need for healthcare interoperability increases, it is becoming more and more critical for clinicians to share data and access patient records quickly and meaningfully. Today, the State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) and  health information exchanges (HIEs) around the country are working to ensure the data gap continues to decrease and all healthcare settings and electronic health information systems have the same information with a reduction in errors and duplicative treatments to avoid costly mistakes.

Patients of HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs benefit from a higher quality of care because of this continued connection. Now, any caregivers who are enrolled with the SHARE HIE, including a patient’s family doctor, emergency room physician, specialists, even pharmacies and long-term care facilities can have secure, HIPAA-compliant access to a patient’s records in real time as an SHARE participant. In the clinic setting, HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs redirects additional hours directly to patient care, as they will no longer be faxing patient records throughout the day.

Rachel Wallis, MPH, Executive Director, HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs explains additional ways patients will benefit from this effort. “Now every progress note encounter from our 200,000+ patient visits per year is uploaded in real time and available to any other SHARE-enrolled physicians and hospitals who are treating the patient. When one of our patients visits the emergency room or sees a specialist, their records are available in the SHARE network without having to wait for business hours to call one of our 15 clinics and request a fax. Having access to that patient information the moment it’s needed is absolutely invaluable for the patient and the treating doctors, said Wallis.

The integration of HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs office records with SHARE is a major step forward for the community, paving the way for significant improvements in care coordination, improved outcomes and staff efficiency”, said Wallis. “The exchange of medical data is foundational to Population Health Management and benefits all care givers in urgent situations such as in the Emergency Room.

Justin Villines HIT Policy Integrator, Office of Health Information Technology states that “ultimately we want to see all primary care and specialty care clinics connected to SHARE. By doing this we will achieve a seamless and secure transfer of clinic information that will help providers in caring for patients at any point in their healthcare journey. This directly aligns with the integration and coordination of care that HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs clinics are continuing to accomplish by improving outcomes and managing the health risks of their patients, said Villines.

Additionally, SHARE currently receives high-level data – admission, discharge, and transfer summaries – for Arkansas patients and sends HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs clinics 24-hour daily reports when their patients have an ED and Inpatient Discharge from hospitals such as,  National Park Medical Center, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs,  Arkansas Children’s, JRMC, Mena Regional Health System, UAMS Health, Baptist Health, etc.  SHARE is also alerting the clinics if any of their patients have a positive COVID-19 test results in daily reports.

Immediate access to a patient’s medical history is invaluable, particularly during a pandemic. HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs collaboration with SHARE is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to provide safe, high-quality health and wellness services to patients of Arkansas.

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