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Health Information Exchange Eases Provider Communication throughout East and Northeast Arkansas by integrating NEA Baptist Health System and Baptist Memorial Hospital-Crittenden

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 00:00 -- jvillines

NEA Baptist Health System and Baptist Memorial Hospital- Crittenden is now LIVE with SHARE sending Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT), Laboratory Results, Radiology Reports, Discharge Summaries (MDM) and soon Continuty of Care Documents (CCDAs).  SHARE offers reliable, secure method of data exchange

Little Rock, Arkansas – March 2021 – SHARE, the Arkansas statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) announced today that Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation Facilities in Arkansas has successfully connected to its health information exchange (HIE) network. As Arkansas’s primary safety-net institution in northeast Arkansas, Baptist Memorial treats 20% of Arkansas’s population annually, seeing thousands of patient visits annually. Serving Arkansas, NEA Baptist Health System provides a wide range of medical care services and treatments using high quality diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The hospital is well equipped to serve the needs of their patients with 228 beds with expansion space for 300 beds.

 The connection of Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation’s EPIC electronic medical record system with SHARE’s HIE greatly expands its capabilities to coordinate patient care quickly and efficiently with community providers throughout Arkansas. When a patient is hospitalized or has a medical test performed at Baptist Memorial, Arkansas based hospitals and clinics, important health information is electronically recorded and automatically available to the patient’s care providers on the SHARE network, including laboratory results (including COVID-19), radiology results , transcription notes and vital information from admission and discharge.

For the last thirty years, the fax machine has been the workhorse of the American healthcare system. Primary care practices, specialists, hospitals, labs, and imaging facilities have been exchanging huge amounts of information—orders, referrals, images, and lab results, for example — by fax every day. According to a report by Vox, fax machines make up 75 percent of all medical communication. Faxing relies on staff to sort through records and add them to the appropriate patient chart. Fax numbers can change, and your records could be landing at the local instead of your provider’s office; there is no way to track or audit where they went or who saw them.

“Faxing requires a lot of personnel time touching the data and verifying it to make sure you are matching the right data to the right person to avoid errors,” says Jennifer Martinez, Population Health Director for NEA Baptist Health System, which serves over 75,000 patients throughout northeast Arkansas. “We deal with a lot of data every day, and faxing is not the best choice for us. It’s really inefficient and not very secure, said Martinez”.

NEA Baptist Health System, Baptist Memorial Hospital- Crittenden and associated clinics uses a faster, more reliable, and more secure way to exchange data using SHARE.

We’ve all seen significant growth in the use of computers throughout the US healthcare system in the last decade, including electronic health records (EHRs), but the reality is, most Americans’ medical information is still stored partially or completely on paper. Sharing the data in these paper files between providers requires faxing, couriers, “snail mail,” or having the patient hand-carry them. Even when providers have migrated to computerized patient records which could allow them to more easily share, a lot of EHRs on the market don’t easily communicate with each other, and providers must spend time accessing multiple sources of data—both computerized and on paper — to get a full picture of a patient’s health record. If that data is not available quickly and easily, providers may unnecessarily order repeat tests or images, wasting time and money for the provider, patient, and insurance payor.

“NEA Baptist Health System is excited to be a part of the SHARE network. Their vast health information system will eventually allow our patients to connect with the resources that they need,” says, Melanie Edens, Chief Operating Officer, NEA Baptist Health System. “A core tenet of our mission is to achieve the best outcomes for our patients, and we are confident that this partnership advances that priority.” 


About NEA Baptist Health System:


Baptist Memorial Health Care and NEA Clinic partnered to form a not-for-profit health system in Northeast Arkansas named NEA Baptist Health Care System. The partnership with NEA Clinic and its long-standing commitment to the Northeast Arkansas community gave Baptist the confidence to invest more than $400 million in this new health system—the single largest investment made by Baptist in any community and the largest health care investment in Arkansas in the last decade. NEA Baptist offers more than 160 providers in 35 specialties, all supported by a 228-bed hospital, the Fowler Family Center for Cancer Care, 10 convenient family practice locations, a Wellness Center and six free health programs for the community. Find better care for your whole family at NEA Baptist – including emergency care, heart care, women’s health, cancer care, orthopedics and more!

Learn More: https://www.baptistonline.org/locations/nea

About Baptist Memorial Hospital- Crittenden:

 Baptist Memorial Hospital-Crittenden is an 11-bed, 65,000-square-foot acute care facility serving Crittenden County, Arkansas, which has a population of about 51,000.

The ER in West Memphis, Arkansas Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Baptist Memorial Hospital-Crittenden offers general and orthopedic surgery, and our staff is prepared to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure. Baptist Crittenden provides quality inpatient and outpatient diagnostic services, including CT, MRI, X-ray, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine and mammography. The Baptist Cancer Center at Baptist Crittenden features 8 private bays with comfortable chairs for those patients receiving chemotherapy or other infusion therapy.

When it comes to matters of the heart, you can trust the experts at Baptist.

Learn more: https://www.baptistonline.org/locations/crittenden


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