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Little Rock Pediatric Clinic is now sending CCDs through SHARE

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 16:11 -- Whitney Mayo

Little Rock Pediatric Clinic has integrated their Greenway EMR system, sending Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), with the only statewide health information exchange (HIE). Little Rock Pediatric Clinic is part of the continued connection of independent pediatric practices to integrate their EMR systems with the SHARE network. Access to SHARE will give their care team secure access to important health information such as, continuity of care documents (CCDs), laboratory results, updated patient records, discharge summaries, medication histories and demographic information. This ensures every care provider in a patient’s chain of care has consistent and current information, and that their health records are more secure and accessible. With access to the SHARE exchange, we’ll see the big picture with our patients,” says Jo Lynne Varner, Office Manager at the practice. “Patients and parents won’t have to worry about remembering every detail for a pediatric visit, from a recent hospitalization at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for example, because their doctors and care team will have all the information they need.”

Through this connection to SHARE, Little Rock Pediatric Clinic team will have a holistic view of a patient’s health results at the point of care. They will have access to SHARE’s 24-Hour Daily Reports on their patients when patients are admitted/discharged from emergency room and inpatient discharges. Also, by having access to the SHARE Virtual Health Record (VHR) it will enable a more accurate diagnoses in looking at historical data encouraging faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient. Little Rock Pediatric Clinic is also part of the Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN) that is the nation’s first statewide pediatric Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) to help measurably elevate the quality of health care for kids in Arkansas, which SHARE also partners with. This selective physician-led partnership of providers collaborate to deliver evidence-based care, improve quality, efficiency, coordination of care, and demonstrate value to the market.

As the health care landscape continues to transform, HIEs continue to play a key role in providing data that fuels innovation. SHARE and Little Rock Pediatric Clinic are working together to contribute to these innovation efforts such as population health initiatives, assisting with high-risk patients and identifying potential social determinants of health.

About Little Rock Pediatric Clinic

Founded in 1961, Little Rock Pediatric Clinic is a thriving and progressive medical practice providing exceptional care for children from birth until age 18.  They currently have 8 providers available for well-child check-ups, immunizations, school physicals, and the inevitable sick visits.  Those providers include: Dr. Fred Levin ; Dr. Cheryl Ahart; Dr. Chad Rodgers; Dr. Joshua some O’Neill; Dr. Aaron Strong; Dr. Catherine Robben; Dr. Natalie Burr; and Jennifer Murphree, APRN.  They see newborns at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock and refer patients to Arkansas Children’s Hospital when inpatient care is needed.   Find out more about LRPC: https://www.littlerockpediatricclinic.com/