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Physicians and Administrators

How SHARE works for you!

Patients are more mobile than ever. It’s not uncommon for patients to see several specialists along with their primary care provider in multiple cities. It’s become more of a challenge for physicians to have a complete medical history of the patient needed to treat them holistically.

The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) is assisting providers and facilities to get all the information they need about the patient. SHARE is a state-wide health information exchange enabling providers across the state to have access to a patient’s health information exactly when they need it. SHARE is safe and secure for patients and physicians and ultimately helps the patient receive better care. Without SHARE, it is a challenge to know how a patient has been treated outside the walls of your practice.

SHARE saves time in having to go back and forth with phone calls, faxes or standard mail. When your facility participates in SHARE, your physicians are more knowledgeable about the patient by seeing the bigger picture of their health. And, your patients are more satisfied because they do not have to remember or repeat their treatment information. SHARE creates better efficiency within your practice and helps physicians spend more time actually engaging with patients.