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The Children’s Clinic is excited to be a part of the SHARE network. Their vast health information system will eventually allow our patients to connect with the resources that they need.

Amy Irby, Office Manager
The Children’s Clinic

We’re excited to partner and connect with SHARE to support the community-wide care needs of Arkansas County patients

Brian Miller, Chief Executive Officer
Dewitt Hospital & Nursing Home

The continued collaboration with SHARE will enable CHI St. Vincent to move forward with our mission ensuring a healthy future for those we serve, while excelling our system performance we advance personal and community health beyond our traditional acute care focus

Chad S. Aduddell, Chief Executive Office
CHI St. Vincent

Securely sharing health data across systems and regions is an important step in providing high-quality, low-cost healthcare. This link between SHARE and Access Medical Clinics provides a vital connection to health data for all patients throughout rural Arkansas.

Bradley Bibb MD, CEO
Access Medical Clinic

This collaboration between Access Medical Clinics and SHARE ensures caregivers across rural Arkansas have access to accurate and timely information, including laboratory results and clinical care summaries, regardless of their location or the system they use to manage clinical medical records.

Skip Carter, Chief Operations Officer
Access Medical Clinic

Patients and parents won't have to worry about remembering every detail for a pediatric visit, from a recent hospitalization at Arkansas Children's Hospital for example, because their care team, will have the patients' results in a timely manner without having to request them via fax.

Jo Lynne Varner, Office Manager
Little Rock Pediatric Clinic (LRPC)

I'm hoping that the SHARE exchange will continue to grow because as the system expands, physicians will come to realize it's a much more efficient way to access health records. Also, because of this efficiency, it saves time and money.

Angie Walker, Office Manager
Dr Randy Walker Family Practice, De Queen Arkansas

The information in SHARE is so helpful to our practice. We have patients come into the office that can't remember where they had lab/radiology work done. Utilizing the SHARE system, my staff logs onto SHARE, types in the patient's name and we can see where the patient had reports done. It really does help us from having to call around and track down that information.

Dr. Randy Walker MD
Dr Randy Walker Family Practice, De Queen Arkansas

 With access to the SHARE exchange, we'll see the big picture with our patients. I they've been to the hospital or seen a specialist since our last visit, updated test results and notes will be right there in their records. Patients won't have to worry about remembering every detail for a primary care visit because their doctor will have all the information they need.

Susan Ward-Jones, MD, CEO
East Arkansas Family Health Center

I really appreciate the SHARE Team responding timely anytime there is an issue.

Melanie Barnes, Clinical Care Manager
Empower Healthcare Solutions, LLC