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DirectTrust Secure Messaging

DirectTrust Secure Messaging

Are you still sending and receiving referrals and other clinical information by fax? There’s a faster, less expensive and secure way to send patient information to your colleagues who need it for care. It’s called SHARE Secure Messaging, and thousands of Arkansas health care professionals use it every day.

Get patient information when you need it most

SHARE Secure Messaging lets you share clinical information— such as clinical care summaries, referrals, transitions of care documents, immunization records, lab results and images—through secure, encrypted email exchange with other providers. Most importantly, other providers can send you clinical information instantly, so you’ll have it before your patients arrive.*

Easy as email, secure as a safe

If you can use email, you can use SHARE Secure Messaging. Simply log in, find your recipient in the provider directory, write your message, attach documents (test results, physician notes, referral documents, etc.) and click send. SHARE Secure Messaging performs authentication and encryption, so only providers you already know and trust will get your messages.

No EHR? No problem

All you need is an Internet connection to get started. An Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is not required, although if you have an EHR/EMR you can use SHARE Secure Messaging to communicate with providers outside your organization.



Secure Messaging users can realize the following benefits:

  • Improve communication and care coordination with unaffiliated providers
  • Send/receive patient data faster and more securely than fax or mail
  • Avoid duplicate testing and medical errors
  • Improve quality and efficiency of patient care
  • Reduce costs for sending, receiving and managing paper health records
  • Offer greener practices for managing patient health records
  • Meet Meaningful Use criteria for electronic health data exchange



Secure Messaging offers health care providers the following capabilities:

  • Send & Receive Secure Email & Attachments: Send email to and receive email from other users with Secure Messaging addresses.
  • Identify Providers: The Master Provider Index properly identifies users and ensures that messages are received by the correct providers.
  • Verify Correct Message Recipients: Trust Verification features ensure the provider receiving a message can be trusted.
  • Protect Your Messages: Messages are encoded in a way that makes them indecipherable to anyone viewing the email without a Secure Messaging account
  • Privacy & Security: Core Privacy and Security services make certain that only the providers authorized to view information will receive it.



*SHARE Secure Messaging messages, and their attachments, are deleted after one-year. Users should save any messages or attachments they would need past that time as SHARE has no mechanism to recover messages once deleted.