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Secure Messaging Training Materials

Secure Messaging Training, Registration & User Guides

Physician using SHARE Secure Messaging

SHARE offers these training materials to registered SHARE users. If you are interested in SHARE, but have not yet signed up, please fill out the form on our Connect to SHARE page to get started! This section is specifically for providers who have selected and registered for SHARE's Secure Messaging solution. In this section, you can access.

SHARE Secure Messaging Registration Assistance

Newly Added Features of our Secure Messaging Solution:

  • Notifies your preferred email when you receive a secure message
  • Allows communication with other DirectTrust Certified users

SHARE Secure Messaging User Manual

Download the SHARE Secure Messaging User Manual. 

SHARE Secure Messaging Training

Need More Help?

If you need additional help or have further questions about using any feature of SHARE, please contact SHARE at 501.410.1999 or use our contact form anytime.